Welcome :)

This is a site dedicated to my favourite Linux distribution "Fedora".

Although there are other Linux distributions that take some of the difficulty out of installing Linux for the beginner, I believe that they dumb-down and remove some of the primary benefits and freedoms that we gain by using an open operating system like the Linux OS.

My goal for this site is to create intuitive walk-throughs and tutorials on most of the basic functions of working with Fedora and Linux. Especially the initial walk-through of getting your computer prepared to handle the daily needs of the average user by installing all the codecs and drivers that are needed when viewing sites like youtube and facebook or watching videos and listening to music. (Arriving at the same results of a basic Linux OS, without removing the freedom aspect).

I will be starting with the basics of a new install and work toward other goals as time allows.

Please email me at cory *at* geekface.ca or use the form below if you have any comments or corrections to my site.

I hope you enjoy.


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